I am a software engineer from Vienna, Austria. I love writing software, but it took me quite a while to realize that this is what I want to do and to make a career out of it.

I am working as a frontend dev at kununu, an employer rating platform. The technologies I’m working with there are mostly Javascript, React, Redux and GraphQL.

Previously, I’ve interned at Facebook in London working on a chat bot. I’ve worked at Catalysts on a car dealership software platform in Java and helped out at their data science team. And I collaborated with the Computational Genomics Lab at the University of California Santa Cruz on the visualization of graph genomes. I’ve been on site in Santa Cruz for a few months, but most of the work was done remotely.

Before becoming a software engineer I had a previous (work) life as a molecular biologist, in which I’ve been a Product Manager for Roche Diagnostics.

When I’m not working I enjoy being outdoors and dabble in various kinds of water and mountain sports.

Feel free to contact me via email or on Twitter.